candles.jpg - 15015 BytesPure Beeswax Candles from Provence.
At La Ciergerie outside of St. Remy this small family-owned candle workshop is one of the few remaining still using 15th century methods to craft its candles. The skilled artisans transform beeswax into candles using traditional methods. Pure beeswax candles are the finest candles known. They burn slowly without smoking or driping. They have high quality cotton wicks tailored perfectly to the candle's size to ensure even burning.
Colors available include natural, honey, terre cuite, brown, grass, hunter, pistachio, and French blue. (Not pictured include pink, rose, red, pale blue, orange and purple.)
Take a peek inside La Ciergerie..

Our Beeswax candles are 1" diameter.
8" Candles (set of 6) ........ $16.00
12" Candles (set of 6)........ $20.00