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Pots a Graisse

Pots a Graisse have been used for years in France's southwestern region... The pots originated as a method to store duck and goose fat used in cooking some of the region's delicacies as confit de canard, magret, and cassoulet. Many continue to live much as their ancestors did.. in this land of Toulouse-Lautrec, d' Artagnan and the three muskateers. Their famed cuisine still uses goose fat just as we use butter or olive oil.

Today these pots continue to be made by Bernard in the Poterie where his great-grandfather began the tradition. However, they are used today in French kitchens to store kitchen utensils, as vases, or simply decorations.

All are terra cotta with a painted collar and come in one of three colors: blue, yellow, or green.
Sm. (9" high, 23" dia.) ......$95.00
Med. (11" high, 28" dia.) ......$175.00
Lg. (12" high, 34" dia.) ......$210.00